Fat Berri’s Block Party Revolt



Fat Berri’s joins forces with Revolt to bring the blog to the block.

Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us as we take over Vesterbro once again.
Bringing the music and DJs we love to the streets, in a mashup of soul, hip hop, electronic and deep bass.

The streets are ours – So listen up and join the revolution!
Big stage, good sound and loads of excellent beats & vibes.

Fat Berri’s Denmark’s largest music blog, made by music lovers.
joins forces with Revolt – Copenhagen based creative marketing agency challenging traditions in a digital and connected world.

Joining us on this street revolution are:

T.O.M and his Computer (Live)
† Tue Track 
† Dokkedal
† Anders Dixen 
† Jan Brandi 

more to be announced in the coming weeks… so keep updated.

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Fat Berri’s Block Party Photos ‘2013

We had a super day thanks to you all and especially a big thank you to all the DJs who played the coolest music.
There will come more pictures and videos from our Distortion Block Party soon.

Bless & Love
Fat Berri’s

All pictures are taken by our good friend Morten Fosselius Legarthwatch full movie Ant-Man 2015 online

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Fat Berri’s Distortion Block Party


Fat Berri’s and Distortion Presents “Fat Berri’s Block Party

Customarily we post tracks on the blog but now get to line up the Dj’s that spawn the music that we love so much. Distortion is a corner stone of Copenhagen’s summer party scene & defiantly a must on our list.

We look forward to the raging, roaring, furious, nasty, sexy…
Block Party of the year.

Lulu Rouge
The infamous Dj Duo known for their wicked distortion street sets

Tue Track
Keeping it real – From the roots of Copenhagen hip hop scene

Legend in the making – The front man behind the Copenhagen techno scene

Theodor Clausen
Rising Star – One of our funky friends contributing music to the blog

Keep updated – Attend and Share the Block Party on Facebook.

We Love party & We love Vesterbro
Please buy the “street armbånd” so that we can keep our beloved vesterbro clean.

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