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Lulu Rouge (DJ SET)

pressefoto-lulu-rouge Lulu Rouge is DJ T.O.M. and Buda, two of the most respected DJs and producers on the Copenhagen scene. Both of these two travellers have been around crashing club land for a decade and a half. Recently DJ T.O.M has been Trentemøller’s partner for the last 3 years straight touring the world in nearly every major club you can think of – weekend after weekend.

Buda has been in several bands and constellations in his past. The ground breaking chill-out band Banzai Republic needs to be mentioned here for their release “Where The Fun Starts Early In The Day”, an album featuring Al Jarreau, Bukka White and Cesaria Evoria amongst others. Artists such as Bliss, Laid Back, TelepopMusik, Phil Mison, Sergio Mendez, Cirque de Soleil and Ganga has also been blessed by Buda’s production skills.

With their music and productions these two chess playing gentlemen are represented on more than 100 of the biggest compilations worldwide. For instance series like Global Underground, Costes, BBC Blue Sessions, Luftkastellet, Mambo and Buddha Bar. Today the 2 DJ heads, producers and long time friends have decided to join forces and put all the chips on one number; Lulu Rouge. Thus creating one of the most interesting and refreshing sounds coming out of Scandinavia.

Listen to Lulu Rouge on this blog here or visit their myspace

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Baba Black (DJ SET & LIVE)

baba-blackBaba Black is the new black/BABA BLACK IS READY TO ATTACK/BABA BLACK –

The joined forces of DJ T.O.M. and DJ Buda have until now been best known as Lulu Rouge. A low key, melancolic, world renowned dub act. But the two more-than-experienced DJs, producers and longtime friends, one day not too long ago, found themselves without tracks that would complete their ambitious DJ-set. Inspired they decided to create the
tracks themselves. Coming out of the mournful, tension filled depths of Lulu Rouge, Baba Black was born as an evil twin, comprised of up-tempo, straight forward electro/techno beats. The project felt so far from the Lulu Rouge way, that the duo decided to give this more aggressive, spur of the moment act another name. The Baba Black project is only 6 months in progress, but has already drawn major
attention to itself from various parts of the world.

Two Baba Black tracks are set to release in the states very soon, and more releases are to come. Baba Black plans an album-manifestation of its’ existence sometime in the beginning of next year.
Get ready. Baba Black is the unleashing of feisty beats that will catapult you to the dancefloor, leaving you exhausted, yet fulfilled and happy.

Listen to Baba Black on this blog here or visit their myspace

Tonovi (DJ SET & LIVE)

tonoviBrandi is a true Copenhagen’er, but like so many others he wasn’t born there. He grew up on the tiny island of Bornholm in the Baltic sea, until his career took him to the mainland back in 2001. Since then he has dedicated himself to the electronic scene. Primarily within the genres of Deep House and Tech house but has a wide range of knowledge and skill within so many other genres as well. He has now played all major clubs and electronic events in Denmark, alongside the biggest and most established names such as Trentemøller, Lulu Rouge and Thomas Madvig. 2009 has meant a lot of great opportunities when it comes to playing abroad – Berlin, Amsterdam and Recife, Brazil. Currently Brandi is producing tracks and remixing some of the scene’s most talented and established names together with the established producer Møltov.

Møltov has been in music since 1994, starting out with the classical high school rock band as a lead singer moving on to a thrashermetal band and into blackmetal in 1999, playing also guitar, bass and drums. From here the curiosity for electro music began. Besides doing a very smoke oriented rock project with the Danish rock producer Martin Frank, he began working on experimental electronic projects from plain hip hop, grime and dubstep to minimal and regular techno music, always build from very heavy basslines. In 2004 the producer of the downbeat project, Coldstar, was working on a pop-industrial electro project called Autobahn, and was on the lookout for a vocalist. He contacted Møltov and together they formed the complete project today known as Moetron. In 2006 Møltov bought a professional studio for his work.

In 2008 the name Brandi was on a lot of lips in Copenhagen. For a long time he had been pushed into doing his own stuff. But not having a studio or the knowhow to control it, he needed a partner who could provide just that. Knowing that a relative had this and were already doing dubstep, Brandi approached Møltov with the wish to do a project. Beeing very familiar to the name Brandi, Møltov immediately accepted. The project had a hard start trying to find a sound of their own. But after a year of trying DubStep, Minimal and Techno, a pattern started to show. The project is today known as Tonovi.

Listen to Tonovi on this blog here or visit their myspace

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