Lulu Rouge Unga Bunga Dj Mix

lulu rouge cover fat berris

Brand new Lulu Rouge uptempo Dj-set for Unga Bunga – Danish National Radio.

Track List :
Pulshar / KMS / Pablo Bolivar Space Edit / Lulu Rouge Edit
Lulu Rouge feat Fanney Osk / Sign Me Out /HANKAT Remix
The Knife / Raging Lung / Hannah Remix
Ten walls / Gotham
Alex Metric & Jacques Lu / Unknown / Lulu Rouge Edit
Vision Quest / Words Chance Volta Forrest
Marcashken / Sos Catwalk
German Brigante / Games
Glipse / True South
Pig And Dan / On Edge
Saschienne / Unknown / Dixon Remix / Lulu Rouge Edit
John Tejada / Somewhere / Lulu Rouge Edit
Matador / Kingswing

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