With Great Music comes Great Responsibility

Dear Friends

We are so very proud and happy to see all the traffic we have been having on our site. Its great to see so many returning visits and to see so many downloads and users on our music and web app.

We love to see that so many people are enjoying and using our site.

However, With Great Music comes Great Responsibility

Since our server can not handle all the traffic we are generating, we have to go out and spend all our money on switching to our own server. Since 4 years we have been serving great music and we asked for nothing back – Now we ask all our phentermine dear Music Loving Friends out there to support the blog and our hard work by purchasing one of our sweats or shirts. All the profits will go towards migrating to a new server and the further development of the site apps, and the overall music platform.

Visit the shop here 

Bless & Love
The Fat Berri’s Team

Download the  so you have all the great music on the go!

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